Next to being a great visual artist, René is also delivering colourful soundscapes to the dancefloor.

He started mixing music in 1996 and since then his musical development went through a lot of styles which gave him the musical background he reflects nowadays. His sets can draw a bow from chill music to tech-house to psy trance and all facettes in between these genres, always peppered with little bits of stupefaction and psychedelica.

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Kali2 is a psychedelic tomcat from far outer space.

A relatively new name from an old veteran of the psychedelic community in Aachen. Most probably more well known for its black light art under the name Pezoid. He has a long background in psychedelic music and is always on the lookout for new different sounds. He has recently discovered the faster sub genres of psy trance and has broken down one or the other dancefloor to rubble and ashes ...

Hugo Bass is the technoid alter ego from Pezoid.

Deeply influenced by the Goa scene, René has fallen for many years the intoxication of electronic music and he has also since always a passsion for Techno and House music.

His style is not so easy to put in a drawer, from Deep Minimal House Music to pumping Psychedelic Techno, depending on time and mood. In any case, never just blunt bumpers but music that takes you on a journey and in the best case even let you fly ...


Hugo Bass


Herbst der Gammler

René also has a special passion for deep atmospheric slow motion music.